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The Mission of the Order is to witness and enact the merciful, therapeutic and salutary action of Christ in a world of health and sickness. This is realized through the promotion of health, the prevention of sickness, and the provision of care.

With this mission, special attention is given in three ways: to the alleviation of pain, to human and spiritual accompaniment of the sick, and through evangelization which reaches its full expression in the celebration of the sacraments, where salvation is proclaimed.



The Order of St. Camillus serves in 35 countries with a total membership of about 1,100 priests, brothers and students.

The Order, is comprised of Roman Catholic priests and brothers who have existed for more than 400 years working in the healthcare field.

Camillian healthcare workers help the sick and dying so that they may feel through them the loving hand of God, even in their darkest hours.

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In the United States The Camillians own and operate a 67-bed skilled care nursing home, a 290-unit retirement complex, 159 assisted living apartments and a home health care agency.  In Massachusetts, one priest chaplain works in a skilled care nursing home. The Order recently opened a house attached to a Parish in Sylvania, Georgia where ministry is with migrants. Another priest works at a hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.





Operating in a specific locality and acting in the name of the Church, the Order seeks to respond to pressing needs, while promoting the dignity of the human person and contributing to the building of the Kingdom of God.

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