Considering a Vocation?

Serving the sick as a physician, nurse, chaplain, technician, social worker, therapist, administrator, or other allied healthcare profession is challenging, rewarding and vitally important work. For some men this work is a vocation - a call to fulfill themselves by serving the sick as a member of a religious community. For these men, the common mission is the opportunity to serve the sick while growing personally and spiritually as they transcend immediate material needs and find meaning in their lives by making a difference.

The very first step anyone must take before entering a Camillian vocation, or any vocation, is taking some time to learn and understand every aspect of the ministry.


The Camillian ministry is one of action, humility, and often danger. We are out in the “trenches” every day serving the sick, treating diseases such as leprosy and AIDS in neighborhoods and areas of the world that can be unstable and risky.


As the Camillians have a worldwide presence, our ministry varies from place to place, but our mission remains the same. To serve the sick and the poor.


The calling to the Order of St. Camillus is one taken by few, but appreciated by many. When answering God’s call in life, whether to this Order or to another journey, you will go through a discernment journey – and we are here to help in your own personal exploration.

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